Paper is Our Story

We offer stock-lot,prime paper and pulp grades. Our ranges could vary on our suppliers seasonal schedules.

But we do carry our inventory,in which our customers can reach any time.


We also offer container based direct sales.We handle shipping,loadings or any other demands for our customers.

Mostly we carry stock lot from the North American mills.We only work with end user customers overseas.



Our Grades

*All our customers have to approved as end users by our sales office.


Please contact with our sales office for detailed pricing and information on our inventory lists and offers.


*Natural and Bleached MF-MG Kraft 32-100 gr/m2


* Greaseproof MG-MF Bleached and Natural KIT 4-12


*Tissue,towel,napkin virgin,recycle


*Virgin color napkin 2-3 ply


*Baking paper for household applications


*C1S and C2S Bleached ,Havana Silicone for Label


*Steel and Glass Interleaver Paper


*Softwood pulp, Hardwood pulp, Fluff Pulp in Bales


*100% Virgin Kraft Liner Board


*LWC, C1S, C2S , Offset


*Newsprint, SCA, SCB


You can see our inventory list please contact our sales office to recieve a password