What we do?

Since 2001 with it’s strong suppliers  and reliable customers overseas,Cartonsa Inc. has been growing rapidly.

By understanding and fulfilling our customer needs,we always offer a long term and reliable business.

One of our most important goal is to create  a ‘’win-win’’ situation both for our supplier and customers.


We do not evaluate the market needs and our strategies for short term periods.

On the contrary,we make long term analysis by taking necessary steps in order to achieve our goals.



Our Philosophy

For Our Customers


*Our  initial goal is to  offer the best quality possible with the cheapest price possible.


*To understand their marketing needs.


*To be able to support our customer against their local competitors.


*To be reachable and understandable all time.



For Our Suppliers

*To create the global network between mills and converters.


*Helping our suppliers to sell their products only to endusers in overseas.


*To be concerned about our suppliers safety and marketing strategies.